Maxine Weldon

Her sound is rich with a remarkable range and sharp dramatic sense. Her voice - close to three octaves - has a powerful resonance. Charming stage presence, winning personality, irresistible smile and admirable taste in gowns... With her perennially radiant smile and warm personality, she kept her audience entranced. Weldon has always maintained a combination of extroversion and excitement, along with a refusal to recognize any dividing lines between idioms.  Her blues numbers are especially powerful. No song is old when Maxine Weldon takes charge of it... She brings each song to life as if it were a genuine personal experience.

- Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times

Listening to Maxine Weldon is listening and learning about vocal ranges that span the scale, but more important, it's experiencing voice deliveries which tread on the edge of control... Weldon spins out highs which seem impossible to bring back into the song, but she succeeds beautifully at integrating the quite wide spectrum of her dynamics... Maxine Weldon's voice is a beautiful instrument.

- David Lees, UCLA Daily Bruin

Singer Maxine Weldon, like Louis Armstrong before her, is a jazz performer who doesn't at all mind being called an entertainer.

- Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

Maxine Weldon was absolutely magnificent.  Wonderful.

- Conrad Silvert, San Francisco Chronicle

As a singer, she has a distinctive personality and vitally that are arresting. Great projection and a resonant voice.

- Variety

Maxine Weldon was least in need of mike... 11,000 in attendance.

- Harvey Siders, Los Angeles Times

Special personal vibrancy, pure style and funky versitility.  In each number Maxine gives the maximum.

- Marian Brayton, Hollywood Reporter

One of those endlessly versatile vocalists who eventually earn the tag "song stylist," Maxine Weldon is equally at home singing soul, jazz, or blues, and often blurs the lines between all of them. Weldon cut her first LPs, Right On and Chilly Wind, for Mainstream over 1970-1971; despite an overall soul flavor, she received significant support from members of the Jazz Crusaders, among others. Weldon next turned up on the Monument label with 1974's Some Singin', a Southern-style country-soul outing that nonetheless bore the hallmark of Weldon's innate sophistication. It became her biggest seller, climbing into the Top 50 on the R&B album charts. She followed it in 1975 with Alone on My Own, but concentrated much less on recording in the years to come. Weldon remained active, though, performing regularly over the next several decades. She was a cast member of the Broadway show Black and Blue, touring with the European production from 1995-1997, and subsequently put together a revue called "Wild Women Blues" with singer Linda Hopkins.


- Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Most men refer to Maxine as sexy. When she opened her mouth, she reminded me of no one. With the Blues, she's rhythmic and projects a highly visual performance with her lips and hips that steadily move. One of the greatest vocal talents.

- Gertrude Gipson, Los Angeles Sentinel


Maxine Weldon is simply spectacular... The room is shaking and rolling with her spectacular voice and energetic delivery.

 - Conrod Silvert, San Francisco Chronicle


Dynamic, belting style... Weldon used her own kind of improvisation, freshening everything in a strong resonant voice with a throaty, breathy sound.  Thi is contemporary jazz at its best.

 - May, Variety


Anyone who has seen Maxine Weldon in action will tell you she is a performer of the first magnitude with guts, style and soul.

 - David Nathan, Blues & Soul


She appeared at Columbia Records' London convention where Maxine's maximum talents impressed everyone... Extraordinary singer. An incomprable vocalist.

 - Ron Baron, Cash Box


Think of every superlative you con to describe a very appealing voice and still that wouldn't be enough to praise the song styling of Maxine Weldon. Hip people know this for a fact. ... flawless act.

 - Ron Baron, Cash Box


A dynamite show from a dynamite lady.

 - Players


Maxine Weldon opening for Johnny Mathis: Maxine is the type of singer who gives her audience chills - chills from the incredible vocal range.

 - BM, Cash Box


...belting out ballads and blues. She had the power of Helen Humes and the heat of Dinah Washington.

 - Los Angeles Magazine


She sings with effortless power, lilting grace and infectious exuberance. She experiences her songs - sometimes joyfully, sometimes with deep-down bluesy sadness, always with soul. A perfect show. Well-done, Maxine Weldon.

 - Hollywood Reporter


Weldon's amiable personality and clear, powerful voice pull everybody's attention to the stage.

 - Huet, Variety


Maxine Weldon is a bright, effusive artist who builds enthusiasm with an impressible flow of energy. Her program contrasted a series of effervescent blues numbers with attractive ballads. Weldon sang with a surging rhythmic feeling and an impressive desire to tell the story without sacrificing the song. She's a performer who deserves to be more widely heard.

 - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times


with John Stephens' Cool Blue 0rchesltra (including Charles Owens on Sax, Al Viola on Guitar): ...Weldon did a marvelous job on her portion of the set, singing 'All 0f Me", "Can't Give You Anything But Love" and 'Teach Me Tonight".

 - L.A. Jazz Scene