Maxine Weldon


Credit for some of the projects...

As an album recording artist:


Right On

Chilly Wind

Some Singin’

Alone On My Own

Call It Love

As a live performer:


House of Blues

3rd Annual Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bill Cosby, Opening Act

Tribute To Billie Holliday

The Cotton Club Review with Linda Hopkins

Maxine Weldon & Morganna King

Bern International Jazz Festival

Charles Drew Jazz Festival

International Jazz Festival


Le Meriden


Playboy Club

Mister Kelly's

Etc. Club

Marians, Jazz Room

Who's Who Among Black Americans

Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

As an actress:


Tasty Time with Zefronk


Superior Court

Sister, Sister

The Jazz Show

The Tonight Show

Razzel, Dazzel Special

Merv Griffin Show

]onathan Winters Show

]ack Parr Show

Steve Allen Show

Burns & Schreiber Show

Misc Commercials

As a stage performer:


Lady Sweet's Lead

Hilly Cohen & The Sounds of NY

Black & Blue with Linda Hopkins

Wild Women Blues

Teatro Zinzanni

"Hats" The Musical